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The life of a company is a chronicle of events. History is fundamental to describe the events of the past. What we are experiencing today will be history tomorrow.

“The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization's ability to learn faster than the competition.”   (PETER SENGE)

Our timeline

Year after year, step by step



Assopaf - Agrindustria Alimentare Società Cooperativa Agricola has been established for a public deed.


Legal Status

Obtaining legal status due to the inclusion in the national list of producer associations at the Ministry of Agriculture - agro-industry office.


Fruit and vegetable plant

In Cellole (CE) at 166 km Appia Street began the construction of the factory for processing and conservation of agricultural products.



Purchase of the processing plant for fruit and vegetable products (industrial tomato).



Consequently, in 2000 Assopaf has been recognized as processing factory of tomatoes by the Ministry of Agriculture.
The processing activity allowed the development of the consortium’s economic potential gaining foreign customers, especially in the catering sector. Currently, the consortium’s turnover represents 4/5 of global turnover related to the tomato. The start-up of all production lines led to multiple benefits and gave rise to the so-called "economy in scale", allowing the consortium to invest more and more financial resources for marketing and market studies.


Agricultural Cooperative Society e Certifications

In 2003 Assopaf, to observe the EC Regulation 2200/96 related to CMO (common market organization), changed its legal status from a recognized Producer Association into a society belonging to a consortium of agricultural cooperatives, observing the joint stock companies’ rules and obligations.
During the same year, the consortium starts the quality certification and environmental management procedures, after the preliminary stages and the legal verifications, it is certified as an accredited company for the quality system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 standards, and for the environmental management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001: 1996 standards.


British market and copyright

In 2005 Assopaf was certified by HKAS - PRODUCT CERTIFICATION, as Company of “A” degree for British market according to the BRC - Global Standard for Food Safety. Further, in 2016, given the implementation of all the monitoring systems of the processing cycle, our Company achieved the “AA” degree.
In 2005, the consortium placed two of its brands under copyright:
"AGRISOLE" for the organic products
"PRONTOCHEF" for those obtained by conventional and/or integrated control systems.

2005 - 2018


In these years Assopaf obtained several certifications that were important and strategic for the Company to deal with its commercial partners and with the institutions.
- 2005 - HKAS – PRODUCT CERTIFICATION, sistema BRC - Global Standard for Food Safety;
- 2008 - HACCP;
- 2011 - “Service International Kosher Supervision” (SIKS);
- 2012 - “Suolo e Salute” for organic products;
- 2014 - “Ortodox Union” (OU);
- 2015 - “EuroKosher” (EUK). 
- 2018 - ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001. 


Changing name

In 2018 the Company has changed its name from Consorzio Produttori Ortofrutticoli into Agrindustria Alimentare Società Cooperativa Agricola, also adapting the administrative body to the regulations in force.

3 Aprile 2019

Competition and Market Authority (AGCM)

On 3rd April 2019 Assopaf has been assigned with the "Legality Rating" “star +” by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM)

Currently, the consortium comprehends ca 250 farms (associated in cooperatives and producer organizations) specialized in fruit and vegetable cultivation (especially tomato) mainly located in the southern Italy area. These farms, economically supported by consortium, have converted or are still converting conventional methods of cultivation into those of “integrated and biological controls” (i.e., with low environmental impact and limited use of chemicals).

Assopaf sells its products, both conventional and organic, all over the world

As for Italy, Assopaf is currently developing sales and distribution channels to increase its commercial presence in this market and to promote the high quality of its products already appreciated by foreign customers. Attention is paid to Italian operators who require high quality products, and to organic and vegan operators. Especially, the Company is greatly interested in the vegan market so in 2018 developed the brand “VEGANCHEF” whose trademark is going to be registered.

Sales in Europe are managed by important food agencies. Further, in 2012, Assopaf set up an agreement with an important trading company, leader in these markets, for the placement of its conventional and organic products in the USA and Canada. This active and synergistic collaboration put both societies at the top of the companies that interchange with overseas markets.

As for “Food Service” operators of Eastern Europe and Asia, since 2018 Assopaf promoted its products by means of institutional figures involved in launching Italian excellent products all over the world.

In 2019, the participation in food and organic food expos in Italy and abroad has been scheduled. This will allow national and foreign operators to appreciate the production policies of Assopaf aimed at quality, healthiness and high food safety, fundamental aspects that characterise the “Made in Italy” products.

Legal site

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