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Harvest only in the natural period of the product. In-depth check on defects or damages to improve yield. Compliance with high production standards. Pre and post sales customer support.


Quality of our products reflects their goodness and genuineness, but it also guarantees their safety and healthiness, a view shared also by tomato producers considering quality a central factor of competitiveness.
Assopaf respects the highest levels of safety and quality as confirmed by the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification. This means compliance of good practices of cultivation and processing, ensuring quality from field to consumers’ tables passing through food safety management, traceability and re-traceability of raw materials (tomato, cans and so on), enhancement of final products aimed at customers’ care. 

The Faculty of Pharmacy of “Federico II” University of Naples, certifies the nutritional values of the Prontochef brand products.


Attention to food safety, quality and healthiness of products, to technological innovations and to reduced environmental impact, have allowed Assopaf to be certified by the most important national and international bodies.

In 2005 Assopaf has been certified by HKAS – PRODUCT CERTIFICATION, as Company of “A” degree for British market according to the BRC - Global Standard for Food Safety. Further, in 2016, given the implementation of all the monitoring systems of the processing cycle, our Company achieved the “AA” degree.

Since 2008, the HACCP system was adopted with the introduction of procedures aimed at preventing any food contamination, monitoring the “critical” points of food processing in which there might be a risk of both biological and chemical contaminations and developing suitable systems for any corrective actions.

Since 2011, thanks to the observance of the dictates of the Jewish religion and to the ever-increasing demand for kosher food products, Assopaf achieved the “Service International Kosher Supervision” (SIKS) Certification. The “Ortodox Union” (OU) and “EuroKosher” (EUK) Certifications were also obtained in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Since 2012, given the growing attention to the organic area, Assopaf started the processing of organic products, obtaining the accreditation from one of the major Italian certification bodies (i.e., “Suolo e Salute”), that periodically verifies the effective compliance with the standards as guarantee of non-contamination of products.

Since 2003 Assopaf is certified as an accredited Company for the quality system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 standards, and for the environmental management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001:1996 standards.

In 2018 Assopaf has been certified according to ISO 14001:2015 standards to improve its environmental management system.

On 3rd April 2019, given the compliance with high standards of legality, Assopaf has been assigned with the "Legality Rating" “star +” by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM).

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